Lately! Volume 12


Last week flew by! Honestly the last few weeks/months have gone so fast. I'll be starting law school in just 3 short months which is totally crazy! In preparation for this new way of life I've been focusing on self care ......  been doing a lot of browsing and exploring the best ways to take care of myself. Lots of new latelys to share! 

What I'm Listening To....

Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack 

This time of year I am always in the mood to watch Pride and Prejudice (honestly any time of year LOL). But it really feels like a spring movie to me not sure why. When I need something calming to listen to while doing the dishes or going for a walk in the afternoon I love this soundtrack! 

What I'm Eating....

Baked Hummus Pasta 

I saw this on Pinterest and I am super excited to make it!! Most people saw the Tiktok feta and tomato pasta - this recipe plays off of that but instead of using feta this recipe uses hummus. If you know me you know that hummus is a very regular part of my diet and easily one of my all time favorite foods. We also have a basil plant now and I can't wait to use some of that as garnish for the pasta! 

What I'm Reading....

The Power of Now 

Something that I am starting this summer is trying to read 1 book per week! I have a small list going of a few books of all different genres that I plan to read and I'm really excited to get started. One of the books that's on my list is "The Power of Now." I've heard this is a great book for improving your mental health - providing tips and tricks for staying present. The author believes that we create much of the stress in our lives by living too much in the past or the future. 

What I'm Wearing....

Knit Waist High Rise Woven Stretch Shorts from Target 

I bought these at Target yesterday and I love them! I was looking for some comfy, not too short workout shorts and these are perfect. They are high-waisted and very airy which is exactly what I was looking for in a running short. They have a few different colors online but in-store they had camo and turquoise.