Lately! Volume 8


Typing this new blog post using my new keyboard that I got off Amazon. I LOVE it! The keys make the most amazing clicking noise. It makes typing this post way more fun than it would normally be, ANYWAY........

What I'm Reading 


I haven't actually started reading this book yet but it is in my pile. From the reviews that I've read, what people like most about this book is that it it combines multiple Greek myths and gets you hooked even if you are not normally into reading those kinds of tales. The other thing that people raved about was the theme of finding yourself and not needing to live anything but an ordinary life. I'm exicted to start this one! 

What's On My Wish List 

Colorful Mechanical Keyboard 

Okay so, as you saw above this is no longer on my wish list. I bought one of these from Amazon last weekend and I LOVE it! I think what I love most is that they keys make such an awesome sound and typing is that much more fun. I am gearing up to start grad school next year and trying to start getting my ideal study space set up now. This keyboard was part of my quest to find ways to make my study space motivating. There are a number of options for this keyboard on Amazon including larger versions with the number keyboard added. I picked what was appropriate for my needs, obviously you may want the larger version if you require the additional functionality. You can find this keyboard here!

What I'm Wearing 

My New Apple Watch !

I was lucky enough to get an apple watch for my bday and have been having so much fun figuring out how to use it. I have been playing around with the fitness functions, and am hoping it will help me get back into
my fitness game ( I have been in a rut lately). The watch that I got has a pink athletic strap and a rose gold face. One of the functions that automatically set up and has been sending me reminders is an app that tracks your movement. After you have been sitting for a while it sends you a reminder to get up and walk around. I am excited about this particular function because sometimes at work I honestly forget to get up and stretch, move around, etc. at regular intervals.                 

What I'm Eating 

Trader Joe's Whole Grain Pita Chips 

I bought these last week to put out for my birthday dinner with my family and was very happy with them! I am a cracker snacker and am always looking for healthy options when it comes to food that I can eat on the go. These are a healthy option to eat with hummus or salsa and they apparently are a good source of fiber. The one drawback to these is that they are packaged in a fairly small bag and they really don't fill it very full. If you want a significant amount I would recommend getting 2 bags.