Lately! Volume 5


This week has been busy!!! It flew by and I honestly can't even believe that it is February.... so here we go with another "what I've been up to lately" post!

What I'm Eating 

Chobani Coconut Greek Yogurt and Locally Sourced Granola 

This week I really launched back into the world of yogurt and granola. I've always been big into yogurt for breakfast in years past, but a few months ago I really overdid it and had to take a break. Yogurt is such a great snack - it's filling and healthy which can be a hard combo to come by. I also bought granola from the store that is a bit more expensive than I usually buy. It is locally made, comes in a mason jar and is superrrr delicious. I love supporting a local business, but also find that locally made foods tend to have less of the icky bad-for-you ingriedients. 

What I'm Reading 

Slouchy Not Spandexed: How to Dress for the Gym like A Parisian 

This week I read this super old Vogue article that I found while looking for pics for my Virutal France post. The reason I enjoyed it is mostly the perspective on french life - in particular, the life of Parisian women. Self-care, comfort, and joie de vivre are integral parts of the french culture and these elements sneak into the gym as well. Instead of pushing themselves to the absolute brink while working out, the article discusses that the "french workout" is integrated into regular, everyday life. Whether it is a walk in the park or biking to work, "working out" is about combining physical activity with things that you enjoy and make you feel good. I feel I could use more of this attitude towards my own physical fitness. 

What I'm Wearing 

Lulu's Mid-Calf Booties 

I bought these this week and I am so excited to get them! I have been wearing these dingy sneakers to work because I don't have a pair of cute boots that go with my pants so I figured this was a must-purchase. Now I can wear my big cozy socks while not looking grungy! What I really love about these is that I can put them on with jeans or a dress and they look cute both ways. 

What I'm Watching 

Lost Season 1

Does anyone else feel like there is LITERALLY NOTHING NEW TO WATCH. Like there is a total drought in the TV department (prolly because we've watched everything that's any good at this point). This week I started rewatching season 1 of Lost. I honestly have no idea why, I was not a fan of the ending of the show at all but the first few seasons were pretty good. You can watch for free through IMDb - they have a bunch of free TV shows and movies that you can stream which is great as long as you don't mind ads every once and a while. 

What made your week better?  Let me know!