Work Outfits Perfect to Stay Chic and Cool in the Summer

I've recently just started back up working after graduating a few weeks ago. One of the things that I always run into when working in the summer is the issue of what to wear. My goal is usually to look a combination of chic, professional, and summery, which can be hard on a budget. So this week I have done some homework and found some cute, simple, professional, and summery looks that you can reciprocate for work or just in general !   

  "Newspaper Chic" 


I think that from the black and white elements of this outfit you can guess why I call it newspaper chic. I love this look because its simple, elegant, and the open toe shoes and flowy blouse give it a taste of summer. I would never wear heels as high as she is to work just because of comfort so I've included a link to a lower black heel that is a little more work appropriate. Paired with dark accessories and a natural hairstyle, this outfit is so easy to reciprocate, you probably already have most of the elements in your closet !

"Peachy Queen"

My favorite part of this outfit is the color clash that at the same time isn't even a clash. The blue stripe blazer complements the peach pencil skirt so well and the addition of that bit of color makes the outfit perfect for summer. Paired with some short nude sling back heels and pretty much any structured bag, this look is a favorite that much like the last is fairly easy to replicate with ordinary things from your closet.  

"Star of Stripes" 


This is the comfiest of the looks so far, I have yet to get a pair of these pants but they are on my list to purchase soon. What is great about these tie pants is that they are fancy enough on their own, so wearing a white tshirt and simple pair of block heels gives you the put together yet summery look that can be so hard to achieve. Carry a white, brown, or beige small purse with this look and you are ready to be chic in the street! 

"Snappy In Sneakers " 


This is a favorite look no matter what time of year, although I would never have my ankles exposed during the wintertime in Wisconsin :/ . This is also a very simple look but I love the contrast between the fancy plaid trouser pants and the more grungy looking white sneakers. This is a great look for a comfier day at the office, prolly not a good look for a day when you have a big presentation. Pair the pants with a simple long sleeve black tee and you have achieved minimalist perfection! 

"Pretty In Peplum" 


Another primarily black ensemble, oops, but honestly these are my favorite. This is very simple, all you need is a black peplum tank and black skinny pants. Pair those with some small black heels (again not as high as these) and you have the office equivalent of the "little black dress." Carry a colored bag with this look to give it a summery twinge.