5 Looks So You Can Spend New Years like a French Girl


In an interview with Tory Burch, French "It-Girl" Jeanne Damas was asked for some holiday style tips and she stated,  

"Simple but great quality. Nice cashmere sweaters, jeans, corduroys. You don’t need to dress fancy, but make sure the quality is always high. I also love a fluffy shearling coat to throw on top to complete any look." 

As I've been searching my closet for an outfit to wear for tomorrow night I've kept in mind her tip as I came up with a few different french inspired looks (with a little help from Vogue) to ring in the new year. I've included them below for you to get some ideas from, ENJOY ! 



For this new years avoid sparkles and instead opt for an oversized plaid blazer and a mini dress. Paired with heeled booties this look is chic yet relaxed and guaranteed to turn heads. Keep your jewelry and handbag simple, maintaining the focus of the outfit on the blazer.  


Up Next: a classic. Another great option is the little black dress, a parisian classic. As Marina Khorosh states in her article "The Parisian Guide to Holiday Dressing", 

"Parisiennes are not afraid to step it up, listing tiny black dresses (in a perfect world, the scalloped ones from Stella McCartney) and high heels as mere prerequisites for a successful soirĂ©e." 

 Pair this little black dress with some festive jewelry and colored heels to give the look a pop of color!  


Our next look is a pleated skirt paired with a lacy tank and ankle strap heels. I love this look because it's so pretty and girly which is exactly what I am looking for when dressing up to ring in the New Year. Put on a little red lipstick and you are ready for a night of dancing and hanging out with friends. 


This is a play on your everyday business casual outfit only with a few less buttons. In the same Vogue article by Marina Khorosh says that in French holiday style, 

" The goal is to present a chic and polished version of yourself, incorporating one select element that differs from your daily routine. This could mean swapping your jeans for a pencil skirt, or unbuttoning your blouse to reveal a beautiful brassiere. " 

French style is all about appearing to have an effortless look, one that doesn't take much time or energy but of course still looks amazing. I think this outfit perfectly embodies that idea.  

Taking the earlier tip given by Jeanne, this look features chic corduroys and the same all black sleek aesthetic. Paired with a flowy blouse, this look is completed by the pretty lace tank layered underneath.   

Hope these looks offer you some inspiration for New Years, and HAPPY 2018 !