A Peek into my Desk Space

 I have always felt that organization is absolutely essential. I am so much less stressed when things are neat and tidy, and can work so much faster when I keep track of the items In need. Working in a lab, organization is the only way to successfully monitor your research, one mislabeled tube and all of a sudden you've got a totally messed up experiment. Below I've come up with three of my "organization essentials", and where you can find the same or similar products !  

    Essential One 

~ Folders ~

File folders are organization essential number one. I have so many random papers for school, work, and this blog that I want to keep but know I will lose if they are just loose on my desk. This year I invested in some Target marble design file folders and a gold hanging file folder holder. This holder is not only chic, but has made my desk so much more organized and free of floating papers! 
Find chic file folders: HereHere, and Here 

Essential Two 

~ Bulletin Board ~ 

My second essential is my bulletin board. The adorable push pins that I use to hang are pictured above. I use my bulletin board mostly for motivation, and pictures I find in magazines, or quotes that I like I hang on this board. Bulletin boards are also great for staying up to date on things that you need to remember, hanging up a little reminder always helps me. Having my bulletin board above my desk gives the study space a complete, and chic look. Find cute push pins: Here, and Here. Find medium size bulletin board: Here and Here

  Essential Three 

~ A Planner ~ 


The third item on my organization essentials list is a planner. I could talk all day about planners (haha), I love them. My planner keeps track of my life 24/7 and I take it everywhere. I generally use different colors for all my classes and extracurriculars, and keep post it tabs for little lists for the grocery store. What's great about planners is that there are so many cute ones. Honestly you can find a planner for every personality type. Search for a planner: HereHere, and Here