The Art of the Coffee Table

As I prepare to graduate college this spring and move into the real world, one of the things I'm more excited than nervous about is decorating an apartment of my own. The living room in particular allows you to really show off your personal taste and make your home your own. Below I've included some key elements to putting together a totally chic coffee table, the center to any living area.  

Enjoy !

The Essentials 

A Vase  


I think one of the best things that you can do to brighten up your apartment is get some fresh flowers (depending on the season, sometimes it can be hard). I listed a vase as the first essential because it functions as a great centerpiece for a coffee table. I love this set up in particular because the vase is surrounded by cute little pumpkins, the perfect touch for fall. Obviously when it comes to vases there are a variety of choices, this one in particular isn't too flashy but provides an elegant marble touch. 
Check out a few of my favorite vases: herehere, and here

Scented Candles 

Scented candles are the second essential element when decorating your coffee table. They give the room a nice ambience, and you can pick whatever scent you love depending on the time of year. With the holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to invest in some scented fall candles. These will not only make your home smell good, but also get you in the autumn spirit !  
(I would give some purchasing suggestions, but candles are much easier to buy in person)

A Chic Tray 


Another great element to add to your coffee table is a chic tray. A holder for the candles or vase, the tray organizes the table and really brings the look together. There are so many different tray options out there, varying in styles from rustic to elegant. 
Check out some tray options: herehere, and here

Snack Dish  


Another element to crafting a perfectly chic coffee table is a snack dish. These elegant little holders can be the home for anything from assorted nuts in the fall, to peppermints around Christmas time. They are not only a beautiful touch for the table, but provide you and your guests with a light refreshment. 
Check out snack dishes: herehere, and here

Interesting Reads  


Last, but definitely not least, coffee table books are my personal favorite element of the table setup. With a variety of topics from fashion to influential women in history, coffee table books not only provide you and your guests with some interesting reads, but make you appear to be well read and cultured (super important). It also adds a final and homey touch ! 
Check out a few of my favorite coffee table books: herehere, and here