A Healthy Way to Start Your Day

Modeling your diet after the french means trips to the outdoor market, fresh foods, and meals containing all natural ingredients. To quote empoweredstustenance.com, "the unparalleled success of the french diet rests on nutrient-dense ingredients and the celebration of food as ritual. In the spirit of French food, I have gathered together some all natural, healthy, and delicious recipes for you to start your morning off right. I also included an "on the go" option for those who don't have time to spend cooking breakfast in the morning! 

Peanut Butter, Honey, and Banana Cinnamon Toast 

What you need: Peanut butter (for a healthy choice, get Smuckers Natural Brand), two bananas, two pinches of cinnamon, two pieces of bread of your choosing, and honey 

- Toast the two pieces of bread 
- Cut the two bananas into bite size pieces 
- Spread peanut butter on both of the slices of bread  
- Lay the pieces of banana evenly onto each of the two pieces of toast  
-Drizzle honey on top of the slices of banana 
- Spread a pinch of cinnamon on each of the slices of toast  
- Add any other toppings you would like, some other recommendations: chia seeds or almond slices  

Pair with: Coffee and a bowl of grapefruit

Granola Bowl 

There are a lot of different ways to do the granola bowl. Many yogurts that claim to be healthy are actually loaded with sugar. So this is a variation on the granola bowl that contains mostly natural sugars. 

What you need: Plain yogurt (brand I use: The Greek Gods), cup of blueberries, cup of granola (browse your grocery store there's lots of brands), honey, and sliced almonds. 

- Scoop as much yogurt as you would like into a bowl. 
- Drizzle some honey on top and mix into the yogurt (will help with the plain flavor) 
- Add the blueberries, almonds, and granola on top (can drizzle more honey on top if you'd like) 
- For an evenly good tasting breakfast (though less aesthetically pleasing haha), mix the granola, blueberries, etc. into the yogurt so that you avoid patches of plain yogurt.  

Pair with: Orange juice and a fried egg  

"Egg-celent" Breakfast Sandwich  

What you need: Two pieces of bread of your choice (bagel would also work), two slices of ham (or turkey for healthier option), one slice of cheddar cheese, an egg, half an avocado, butter, and salt and pepper 

- Toast the bread and then butter 
- Fry the egg (for the least messy option cook the yolk as well -- depends on preference) 
- Cook the ham or turkey in the pan until browned slightly
- Slice the avocado and lay the pieces on the bottom slice of bread 
- Add the meat, cheese and egg on top 
- Salt and pepper to taste  

Goes well with: Coffee and an orange  

"On the Go" Tortilla 


Very similar to the Peanut Butter Toast, this tortilla is an easy way for you to take a healthy protein breakfast wherever you go. It's hard to take the time to come up with something healthy and portable in the morning and this allows you to do just that. 

What you need: Tortilla (size and type based on preference), peanut butter (use recommendation from above), banana, granola, honey, and chocolate chips (personal preference). 

- Lay the tortilla out and spread the peanut butter 
- Slice the banana and lay the slices on top of the peanut butter 
- Drizzle honey on the banana slices 
- Spread the granola and chocolate chips on top 
- Fold in thirds and wrap in paper towel for best transport 

Pair with: Busy work schedule and coffee 



P.S. Images included above are not mine