Five French Inspired Tips for the Constantly Hungry Woman

I honestly feel like I could eat all the time. With a busy schedule, nervous personality, and my constant need to move, I always have that sinking hungry feeling in my stomach throughout the day. France is the food capitol of the world, and I think it's safe to say they do cooking quite well. I've collected some tidbits of advice from French woman, and mixed in my own tips for how you can improve your eating life and also satisfy your hunger.

Enjoy the Food Experience   

For the French, eating is not just about shoving as much food into your mouth during your thirty minute lunch break. The French take their time with the food, it isn't just about nourishment, it is also a social experience. Although this can be hard with a busy schedule, taking time to sit down and really appreciate what you are eating with friends or family is something our culture doesn't encourage enough. Not to mention that sitting down and taking your time when eating is also much better for your health !

Fresh Produce is Key  


French food focuses on fresh ingredients, products from the earth. In an interview with, French actress Clémence Poésy commented on her diet, stating,"I am conscious about buying products that are in season, organic, and local. I try to avoid processed foods. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains." Eating foods that are not processed allows you to get better nutritional value from the food, filling you up like products with sugar will not. 

Avoid Mindless Snacking  

Okay, we are all guilty of this. Sitting on the computer it is so easy to grab that bag of chips or carton of ice cream and devour the entire thing while working. This is an easy habit to cut and make a positive change. Honestly the French way is to not snack at all, but I would have a very hard time with this (haha). Plan your snacks ahead of time so that they not only fill you up but have some nutritional value as well.  

(For a list of healthy and filling snacks, see the link at the end of my article!)

Stick to Three Meals a Day  

Don't miss a meal. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and make them full meals. Christian Dior international publicist Fanny Bourdette-Donon states that you should, "Eat like a queen in the morning, a princess for lunch and a poor girl at night." The French generally don't snack, they eat very full meals. Pack your meals full of nutritional value, but don't forget to let yourself indulge in the things you love. Variety and health is important, but the French never refer to foods as off limits. This only leads to unhealthy habits. Instead let yourself have that croissant and cheese,  in controlled quantities.   

Stay Active  

If you're worried about indulging in those delicious foods that you love, stay active. The French woman walks and bikes everywhere, there is no need for a strict exercise program. Get out and move around, this not only helps you work off all those yummy foods that you enjoy, but also is good for the mind's well being.  

Click Here for healthy snack ideas and to download my Guide to Smart Snacking !!