Lately! Volume 11


Lots of stuff to share today in my Lately post! Here we go! 

What I'm Listening To....

The Daily Podcast 

The New York Times has a daily podcast that most people have likely already heard about but I have only started listening recently. What I like about it is that it takes an in-depth perspective on one news-worthy topic every day. Instead of biting off more than it can chew with tons of the latest stories, this podcast helps you become well acquainted with an issue in a matter of 30 minutes. Recently I've listened to episodes on the decreasing birth rate in the United States, and Facebook's decision regarding the Trump social media ban. 

What I'm Watching.... 


My parents recently introduced us to a new show, Loudermilk. It's on Amazon Prime and we've really enjoyed it so far! Honestly, I had never heard of it before watching the pilot with my parents and I'm surprised because its been an entertaining watch. The show follows Sam Loudermilk, a recovered alcoholic who runs a group for those with addictions. It is very funny but also deals with a lot of heavy, real-life topics. Loudermilk is available through Amazon Prime! 

What I'm Eating....

Trader Joe's Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli 

This is not a new addition to my pantry, but I've been eating more of it lately! I get pasta cravings but typically don't want the heaviness that comes with white flour pasta. When I started going to Trader Joe's more regularly I found this pasta made with brown rice grain I fell in love. I can get the feel of a bowl of pasta without the same heaviness. My favorite way to prepare this pasta is adding cooked veggies, oregano, and olive oil. This pasta also opened me up to trying other kinds of pasta made with different grains! Trader Joe's has a great pasta made with quinoa as well. 

What I'm Wearing.... 

Biker Shorts and Blouse 

I was SO not into this trend when it was first out there. I have never felt that biker shorts are super flattering so I honestly didn't understand why this was becoming something that everyone was wearing. And then I decided to buy a pair for working out and I changed alot on my view of biker shorts. I am still not a fan of the biker shorts, blazer, and heels look, but I am into using biker shorts as an athleisure piece (like in the look featured above). This will likely be a look that I use alot this summer! 

What's On My Wish List....

Fur Lined Birkenstocks 

These look SO comfy! Honestly, that is the reason that I have them on my "wish list." I'm imagining getting out of the pool, putting on my bathrobe, and having these to put on my feet. The only thing holding me back from purchasing these at the moment is that I have about 238938 other things on my list to purchase for law school. But you know as soon as I have some extra cash lying around (it may be a while lol) you will find a pair of these in my closet.