Lately! Volume 10

Hey! I'm sitting in our big comfy reading chair with a hot cup of coffee people watching out the front windows. This apartment isn't perfect but I love love love watching the morning sun - especially this time of year. So here we go with the things of the week!

What I'm Watching... 

The Walking Dead 

We have reached the ultimate point of desperation during this global pandemic.... I am willing to watch The Walking Dead even though I've heard it gets so bad in the later seasons. I'm not someone who enjoys gore at all so I'm closing my eyes like half the time but the plot in season one has been pretty entertaining. We have gotten through 1.5 episodes, so far and I am pretty hooked. This new show has got me thinking about how I would handle a zombie apocalypse :/.   

What I'm Eating...

Homemade Vanilla Almond Granola 

This past weekend I decided to try something new in the kitchen and made homemade granola! Granola is so expensive and I figured this would be a great way to ease up on the wallet and reduce the amount of sugar that I get when eating one of my favorite breakfast foods. The recipe I used is from Run Lift Eat Repeat blog, here is the link! I thought that the granola turned out amazing! The coconut oil gives it a unique taste and makes it crunchy too :) 

What's on my Wish List...

Pasta Bowls 

I love bowls. I think that dinners are more fun when they are eaten out of a bowl. That's why I am looking to expand our dish collection and get some really awesome pasta bowls. What I love about these is that they are really meant for dinner - not cereal, etc. I picture heaps of steamy spaghetti coated in olive oil and with basil on top and it would all taste better in a pasta bowl. 

What I'm Wearing...

Wide Leg Trousers and Converse 

Okay so... I'm not actually wearing this lol. But I'm planning on getting a new pair of navy converse because I love this look! It really brings back a 2009 vibe. I also love the rest of the outfit with the crop top and khaki trench coat! I've honestly started buying mostly trouser-like pants - they are comfy, professional, and super cute!