Lately! Volume 7


Writing this post in the airport waiting for our plane to board, coming back from a weekend trip to California. It was so nice to get out for the weekend, celebrate with family and soak up some sunshine. It's been a while since I've done a post so I figured I'd update on what I've been up to lately......

What I'm Eating 

Whole Foods Egg Salad 

Lately I've been getting into the routine of stopping at Whole Foods on my way home from work to get a snack. I'm not a huge fan of doing my regular food shopping at whole foods because they have funky brands and everything is a health product, but I'm really a fan of their egg salad. If you head over to the deli and bread area there are a variety of pre-packaged goodies that can act as a snack or a full on meal. All of the items in the grab-and-go area are pretty healthy, which is also a plus.

What I'm Listening To

In The Quick by Kate Hope Day 

I recently re-downloaded audible and started paying 8 bucks a month for the subscription. I forgot how much I love it! It is so nice to pop in my headphones while I'm doing mindless tasks at work and really get into a story. It helps the time pass more enjoyably! The book I've started with is "In the Quick." I'm about 14 chapters in and I have really liked it so far. A combination of coming-of-age, sci-fi, and romance this book has a vibe for everyone. I think the coolest thing about this is the fact that the main character is going to an astronaut-training boarding school. Would recommend if you are looking for an interesting new read (or listen ;) )! 

What I'm Wearing

Oversized Jean Jacket 

Spring is officially here, which means it is time to get out the oversized jean jacket that has been hiding in the back of my closet for the last 5 months. I love the oversized jean jacket because it is such a versatile piece. It is perfect for a night out for drinks, or over a pair of cords for a early spring trip to the farmer's market. While travelling I wore my oversized jean jacket with a pair of leggings, a sweater scarf, and white sneakers. This was the perfect, comfy look that transitioned well between warmer and cooler climates. 

What I'm Making 

Hot Pumpkin Oat Milk Latte 

Okay so I know that it is no longer fall, so this is a bit confusing. The other week I bought this Chobani Oat Milk and was really excited to use it in my coffee! The morning I decided to use it, the only coffee that sounded good to me was the left over pumpkin coffee that I had from this past fall. I had no idea how the combo would turn out but I was optimistic. Turns out pumpkin coffee + oat milk is great!!! I've been making it in the mornings before I leave for work and I would say it is almost as good as something I would get at starbs (and that is saying something). I have found that the trick is to steam the milk, pour a small amount into your mug before your coffee, add the coffee, and then add some milk/foam to the top. That extra bit of layering really makes a difference!