Lately! Volume 6


Currently sitting on my couch with a cup of tea watching the snow fall out the window. I can't believe we are almost to the end of Feburary!!!! It's unreal. The year is flying by. 

What I'm Eating 

Roasted Greek Salad 

Saw this on Instagram and actually haven't tried it yet but really looking forward to it!!! We tried the feta pasta and man oh man that was SUPER rich. I am excited to make this because I think it will be a lot lighter. Basically the recipe involved roasting a mixutre of peppers and tomatoes, adding onion and olives and a special dressing. I love this take on the TikTok pasta that everyone has been trying. 

What's On My Wish List 

Bondi Boost Iron 

I finally went in to get a haircut this past weekend. The stylist wanted to try out a new tool that she got and basically it turns your hair into mermaid hair!!! I really liked it the second day after I slept on it. It really was a fun change from my usual natural hair. The version that the stylist has was by Bondi, there are a lot of different (cheaper) brands of this iron on Amazon as well. 

What I'm Watching 

Eat Pray Love 

Netflix has gone crazy on the Julia Roberts movies lately. While working out the other week I watched "Eat Pray Love" amongst various others. I had never seen it before, and having not gotten to travel for a while this movie gave me some hardcore wanderlust. It also totally inspired me to think about a trip to an ashram in India. I swear when we get done with COVID I am going EVERYWHERE. 

What I'm Reading 

Everygirl Article - "8 Outfit Formulas to Look Like An Off-Duty Model" 

I really enjoyed browsing through this Everygirl article this week which runs through perfect outfit formulas. What I like about this article is that it runs through the basics that I already have in my closet and comes up with unique ways to combine them. This year is the year that I have made it a goal to simplify my closet. Articles like this one help me stick to this mission by coming up with outfits that are created using pieces that I don't need to purchase to get the look.