5 Of My Favorite At-Home Workouts That Are Free


I still have not gone back to the gym....... and honestly it is miserable to not be able to do such a basic thing during the darkest months of the year. I've had to make do with at-home workouts which is usually a part of my workout schedule, just not so frequently. Here are a few of my fav at-home workouts that are free! 

Tae Bo With Billy Blanks 

Exercise Type: Kickboxing / Cardio 

Instructor: Billy Blanks 

Duration: 45 Minutes 

I recently found this workout on Youtube after not having done it in years!!! My mom had this workout on DVD when I was in high school and it was a go-to. I love a few things about this workout - the first is Billy, he is great. What a motivational dude.....and that outfit wowza LOL I also really like the exercises in this video. It is very kicking focused, great for shaping up your legs and building leg strength. The video is probably about 35 minutes of true workout and 10 minutes of warm up/cool down. 

Kenpo Cardio With Tony Horton 

Exercise Type: Kickboxing / Cardio 

Instructor: Tony Horton 

Duration: 45 Minutes 

This is another workout that I recently found on the internet which was one that used to do at my parent's on DVD (wasn't able to insert the video into the post). The reason I like this workout is that it focuses a lot on the waistline. There is a lot of punching and kicking that requires you to twist and maneuver allowing you to really build your side abs. 

Ballet Bootcamp With Sweaty Betty 

Exercise Type: Ballet / Cardio

Instructor: Sweaty Betty 

Duration: 45 Minutes 

This is a great workout because it is elegant. Instead of the typical squats and lunges workout, this 45 minutes of exercises includes ballet movements. The instructors all have British accents which makes it an even classier experience. And another plus, I'm not sure where their workout studio is (or if it is even real LOL), but the view of the city out the windows is awesome. 

Advanced HITT Workout with Body Project 

Exercise Type: HITT / Cardio 

Instructor: Body Project 

Duration: 30 Minutes 

HITT workouts are great for getting your heartrate wayyy up and breaking a sweat. I like to do HITT videos 2-3 times a week. Instead of a continuous stretch of increase in heart rate, HITT operates on an interval system (generally). This workout includes 1 minute spurts of exercises like burpees with breaks in between exercises. If you're really looking for a challenge, add some crunches in between exercises. 

Cardio With Rachel Gulotta Fitness 

Exercise Type: HITT / Cardio 

Instructor: Rachel Gulotta

Duration: 30 Minutes

This is another great HITT workout. I would say it is less intense than the one above, but still really good if you want to get your sweat on. This also runs in intervals (1 minte exercise, 30 seconds break, etc) that focus along on jumping exercises. What is also nice about this video is that it includes modifications for those looking to do a more challenging, or easier workout.