The Winter Capsule Wardrobe


The other week I stumbled on a blog article about cleaning out your closet for the new year and creating a "capsule wardrobe." I have been wanting to do this for soooo long. But I usually just fall into the trap of fast fashion. Not anymore. Part of my new years resolution is to buy intentionally. Buy things that I need! It's okay to sometimes indulge in a thing that I don't necessarily need, but on the whole I am really trying to be better about wasteful spending. I have already started by doing a massive cleanout of my closet. As I did this I took inventory of what I have and what I need to create my ideal wardrobe. I have some of the items below but a few are still on my list! Keep in mind that a lot of these pieces cross seasons, not all are winter-specific. 

 White Tees: Baggy and Form Fitting 

The baggy white tee is perfect with jeans, any color pants, even a skirt on some occasions. There are a lot of places that you can find a good white t-shirt and ultimately you have to find the fit that you like. I have found that you don't need to spend much to get a good white tee. Personally I get mine from H&M - they have all different fits and colors. I always try to have a fitted white tee as well as a baggier one. Another place that sells good basics is Madewell.

Black Oversized Blazer

Another versatile piece is the black oversized blazer. This is on my list as I just got rid of mine because it was old and cheap. So I'm in the market for one of these. This should not be confused with the black blazer that you should own for interviews. I prefer a looser fit for my daily wear rather than a fitted blazer which you should typically wear to an interview. I've found a few places that offer good options including EverlaneNA-KD, and & Other Stories. This is an item that I would splurge on and spend a little more. 

Belted Long Coat 

I finally bought one of these  this year and I LOVE it! Mine is a heather gray and is a wool blend. It's a bit longer than this one but perfect to wear to the office, out to walk and get coffee, etc. What I love about these coats is that you can wear them more casually with sneakers, or dress it up with heels. The coat itself is dressy but can easily be dressed down. The coat that I bought is from H&M, and it was medium expensive. I would say that if you are going to buy a coat like this it is good to go with a more expensive option. Some of the brands I've seen that have great options include: ReformationEverlane, and Mango.

Plaid Trousers 

I love a good pair of plaid pants. I have a cheaper pair right now but will probably be replacing them with a better pair in the next year or so. I prefer the high waist but plaid is classic and if you prefer a low waist you will still get the same kind of look. All these pieces are versatile, and the plaid pants are no exception. You can wear them with a white blouse, a turtleneck, or a graphic tee. I think you can spend as much as you want to on these, depending on your experience with how pants fit. For me, I need to spend a bit more because brands that are a bit more expensive tend to fit me better. A couple brands that make cute plaid pants are: Rag and BoneNA-KD

Turtleneck Dress 

The turtleneck dress is great for so many reasons. To start, it is a brilliant layering piece. You can put a blazer over it, add a scarf, or pair it with your belted coat (as seen in the picture above). Another reason to love the turtleneck dress is that it is a warm dress perfect for winter. There are so many times that I want to wear a dress in winter, but opt for pants just because of the temperature. Add tights and a long coat to this ensemble and you are all set! The turtleneck dress is also great because it pairs well with lots of different types of shoes. The dress goes well with high boots, low boots, sneakers and heels! This is an item that I would say you don't necessarily need to buy from a high end brand to find the right fit. You can find a great turtleneck dress at MangoEverlane, and Old Navy.

High Waisted Wide Leg SuitPants 

I don't have a pair of these yet and am totally coveting these! What's is great about the suit pant is that it is an easy transition from work to going out. Really all you need to do is switch the top. I prefer high waisted over low waisted but obviously that is a personal preference so pick the style that you feel looks best on your figure. Similarly to the high waisted plaid pants, I tend to think that spending a bit more on pants is better because of the fit. When I do add these to my closet I will likely go with a more expensive brand. A couple brands that offer suit pant options include: MangoExpress, and Everlane

Straight Leg Jeans 

I recently added a pair of these to my closet. Mine are a lighter wash than the pair shown above but a similar cut. What I love about the high waisted, straight leg jean is the flattering fit. I love pairing mine with a cropped sweater and sneakers or on a fancier day a blouse and heels. I found that I didn't need to spend too much to get a great fitting pair of jeans. Here are a couple places that you can find a good pair: EverlaneAbercrombie, and Free People

White Blouse 

Much like the white tee-shirt, the white blouse is a wardrobe must-have. Of all the pieces that I've listed, this is probably the most versatile. It not only transcends styles but it also transcends seasons. The white blouse can be worn with jeans, suit pants, even with a little black dress. The white blouse is something that you can spend a lot of money on or virtually none at all. I find that it is good to have one really nice white blouse and then others that you can wear more casually. A couple options where you can get a white blouse: Everlane Free People, and Gap

Leather Pants 

The last item on my winter capsule wardrobe is a pair of leather straight legged pants. Thought not work appropriate, these are great for outside of business hours. Another versatile pair of pants, these go great with a white blouse or chunky knit sweater. Leather pants are another item that I would say it is worth it to buy from a higher end brand. A couple of brands that you can get a pair of these from include: MangoAnthropologie, and Madewell.