Lately! Volume 4

Didn't do a "Lately!" post last week so I have some things to catch up on, let's go!

What I'm Eating 

Simple Truth Turkey Burgers 

This year is the year of ground turkey for me LOL! No, but seriously..... I have found love for all things ground turkey. A couple weeks ago I talked about the ground turkey meatballs that I have been making for my lunches, and these past couple weeks we've also been eating Simple Truth's turkey burgers. Honestly, they are nothing compared to a *real* burger, but it's better than eating chicken for the third time in a week. Eat it with a bun and a bit of ketchup (or without a bun if you're weird like me), and pair with sweet potatoes on a salad! These can be found in the frozen section, I found them at Pickin' Save but I'm sure most grocery stores carry their own version. 

What I'm Wearing 

Zara Taupe Pleated Pants 

As part of my new capsule wardrobe/2021 closet clean out I agreed to only buy quality items that I need in my closet. I got rid of a pair of work pants and needed another pair. I wanted a pair of high waisted trousers and Zara always has so many cute options. I ended up going with the taupe color because I already have a pair of black high waisted trousers. I got them on Sunday and already wore them to work on Monday. I love them!!! They are comfortable and professional looking. Here's a similar pair! 

What I'm Making 

Cold Brew Coffee

My boyfriend got me a cold brew coffee maker and I am super excited to try it! I also bought vanilla naturally-sweetened almond milk so I'm thinking I will try to make a vanilla almond milk cold brew, we will have to see how it goes! I have heard really good things about cold brew coffee but honestly have never tried it because I didn't understand what the difference is from your typical iced coffee. Now that I have done a bit of research I figured out that it is a bit more of a process. 

What I'm Watching 

About Time

With Valentines Day right around the corner, I decided to watch one of my fav movies the other night. About Time is the story of Tim, a young man who finds out that he can time travel. You would think that following this discovery, the movie would turn into a sci fi film, but actually it's a romance/coming of age story. I LOVE this movie. The reason that I do is because the ultimate message is about enjoying the regular everyday things in life. I think this is so important to being happy long term.