2021 Goals and Vision Board

Happy 2021! Kind of a disheartening beginning.....but trying to keep a positive attitude nonetheless. The past couple weeks I've seen a lot of posts and insta stories where people are making 2021 vision boards, and this got me really excited!!! So I picked a color palette and tried to include elements of my goals and feelings about the next year. Thought I would share what my specific goals are and how they relate to my vision board. 

Get Myself Mentally Prepared for Law School 

I have been applying to law programs and waiting on decisions to come back. My plan is to start in the fall of this year. I haven't been in school for 3 years (4 if you don't count senior year which was wayyy easier), so it is definitely going to be a wakeup call when I get back. My goal for this fall is to be ready for the workload and emotionally prepared to take it on. My life has to be school and working on managing my stress levels and anxiety will be a key part of succeeding. Getting mentally prepared will mean a combination of things for me.... likely cutting out caffeine from my diet again, and taking more time for yoga. The bottom left photo is my "game face for law school" and the top left is the vibe I'm looking for, relaxed and confident. 

Take/ Plan Some Trips

Obviously this totally depends on what the COVID situation looks like in the next few months. Up until now we have been fairly carefully when it comes to any type of trip we take (we've only gone to outdoor, isolated destinations). We are hoping to do a big national park camping trip this summer and I have been in the process of planning a Scotland/Ireland trip for the future. Obviously the international trip is likely going to have to wait, but I will be budgeting and planning in the mean time. The top row middle photo is from my Scotland trip inspo board (super excited about scoping out cool castles) and the bottom right is supposed to be representative of time outside. 

Body Image 

Like most people, I struggle with my body image to some degree. Mostly in the sense that I can be very hard on myself and picky. In this next year, I want to work harder at loving my body the way it is. Loving it on the days that I feel bloated, loving it when I feel amazing and everything in between. I am already very comfortable with my diet and the amount I excercise, now I want to continue that work and expand on it. I feel there is alot of power in challenging your thoughts. I plan to work on challenging those self depricating thoughts and turn them into positive affirmations. The top right is intended to remind me of this goal, not because I should eat whatever I want whenever, but because it is all about moderation. Eat those pancakes and enjoy them and get your veggies in and enjoy your walks outside and your time on the couch. Everything is about balance and loving yourself even when balance is hard. 

Continue Working on Projects 

The middle image (paint samples) and bottom middle image (terra cotta) are intended to remind me of all the great projects I did this year! I really enjoyed being creative and making things for our apartment. I homemade each of my family members a Christmas present this year. It was so good for me to get my mind off of things and really makes our apartment unique. I want to continue with my projects this year (2021 project list to come soon) and expand into new creations that I haven't tried before! I am a creative soul and getting in touch with this part of myself is essential to feeling happy and grounded. 

Read More 

I'm LOLing because every year I put this on my list and honestly I don't do that great at it. I am soo quick to turn on the TV and picking up a book just doesn't come into my mind. The problem is when I really do get into a book I read the whole damn thing in one night. I am currently working on "The Goldfinch" and am thinking that my reward for getting through is getting to watch the movie afterwards. I always think it's fun to do the book/movie thing so you can compare the writing with the cinema. I've already got my next book lined up so hopefully I keep up my reading groove further into the new year. 

Do you make resolutions for the new year?