Our Christmas Decor!


I love decorating for this time of year! ❤️ I turn on my Nat King Cole and Lou Rawls and jam while making our apartment as cozy as possible. Since we are quarantining while waiting for our COVID test results to come back we haven't had a chance to go get our tree yet! So I've had to make due with things that I had around to decorate. I thought I'd do a quick apartment tour of all the festive elements of our place. 

Living Room 

To start let's talk about the living room pic above. I got the "Happy Christmas" sign off etsy last year and I love it! It brings an element of Hogwarts Christmas that I am totally here for. You can buy this banner here!

As for the plant, it’s an umbrella tree which I decided would look cute with some of the large red ball ornaments that I had left over. I only have three hung on it (because I didn't want it to be too weighed down) but it brings together our live plants with the Christmas decor nicely. 

Here's another shot while we were watching the Christmas Carol the other morning. I have on these great pajama bottoms from Aerie. They aren't selling this exact pair anymore but honestly would highly recommend checking them out for all things loungewear. 

My accent shelf also got an update for the holiday season! I added some greens and more recently added these candles to the shelf as well! The pots and painting are homemade (see my last post). The greens you should be able to get at any local grocery or hardware store, I got these at Home Depot!


Onto the kitchen! I don't tend to decorate the kitchen too much. I find it a bit gross to have decor sitting next to food but I did do a couple of little things. I have these cute dish towels that I got out of the $1 section of Target (I highly recommend they have great decor for a good price). The little tree lined with burlap is also from target, here is a similar tree. 

I also tend to update this wood tray (also Target) that we have with various seasonal decor items. This ski sign was a great purchase from Home Goods, which I mostly got because both Brett and I love to ski. It's also an item that we can keep up during the winter since it isn't exclusively for Christmas. Here is something similar, but much larger. I would love to have big versions of this hanging someday. The "Holly Jolly" napkins I seriously have no idea where I got but add a nice and useful touch. 

Dining Area 

Our dining area really isn't its own area it's mixed with the kitchen and living room area. In between the couch and the dining room table we have a cute bookcase which I also lined with greens. The cute homemade card was done by my sister, Cate, and the wreath is homemade! I'm thinking about also doing a post for homemade wreath making as this was really easy. 

I had this idea for a pretty decoration that could hang over the top of our dining room table. What I ended up doing is a bit different but the same sort of idea. I started with a birch branch and used burlap-looking string to hang it on the wall. Then I decided I wanted to hang an assortment of decor from it. I decided on painting some ornaments and making homemade paper stars. I finished by lining the stick with greens and lights. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but it still really seasonal which is what I was going for! 

Hope you enjoyed this decor tour! Are you doing anything special for decor this year?