Lately! Volume 2


Lately I don't have a main topic I want to talk about on this blog so I thought I'd put together a mish mash of things that I've been into recently.....

What I'm Listening To 

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I would say I'm a conspiracy enthusiast. So like I'm don't believe the theories I just think it's fun to entertain the idea of the lochness monster and Area 51. My favorite episode thus far has probably been the one about Princess Diana's death, but the Area 51 episode is also up there on my list. Parcast has a lot of great podcasts, I would also recommend "Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories." This one is styled like an old time radio show! 

What I'm Eating 

Okay so not going to lie I'm definitely not eating a ton of these. But St. Nick brought a pack of these and Trader Joe's gingerbread sandwich cookies and Brett and I have been munching. The more ~healthy~ item that I've been eating more of are Honey and Oat Kind Bars. They're perfect for quick breakfast on the way to work and not all grossy and full of nuts like the other Kind bars. 

What I'm Wearing 


So I won a competition at work and ended up getting awarded 100 bucks (awesome, right?!). I decided I was going to reward myself with a new pair of jeans as I've been wanting to splurge on a pair that are straight leg/high waisted. I went with these $50 ones from Abercrombie (not even that much of a splurge), and I got them in the mail today. I love them! I got them so their a bit loose (not like the model shown in the pic) because I wanted them to be comfortable. They are honestly perfect. Can't wait to pair them with some loafers in the fall :) I've also been getting back into ballet flats lately. I bought my first pair since the sixth grade last week after my binge rewatch of Gossip Girl. I realized that sneakers are not high fashion and my new years resolution is to try to be a bit more put together in my everyday style. 

What I'm Making 

Black and White Gallery Wall 

We've honestly done so much with our little apartment to make it homey and I love it. The only thing I haven't gotten to implement that I'm hoping to work on once the holidays have come and gone is a black and white gallery wall. What I love about a gallery wall is that it's so telling about the people who live there. You pick the images and create the vibe. I've been gathering cool images to create our own gallery wall but still need a lot more frames. 

What I'm Reading 

The House on Tradd Street 

Okay so I'm not actually reading this yet, but it's on my list. Basically it is mystery meets ghost story meets old southern house restoration and it couldn't be more up my alley. Apparently there's more than one sequel so I'm looking forward to snuggling up during my time off after Christmas and cruising through a couple of these.