Where I Shop For What - Style and Interiors

I've been doing way more online shopping than I should be during this quarantine. But I've been trying to make it "productive" shopping, i.e. identifying items that I actually *need*. Lately, that's a combination of clothing basics and interior items. So, I've decided to make today's post about where I shop for what, budget- friendly of course. 


Target - Basics and Activewear

Target has been doing a stand up job in the last couple of years, not just in clothing but interiors as well (I'll get to that later). I tend to get a lot of my basic clothing (tees, leggings, etc.) from Target, and also my active apparel. Target is cheap (although not as cheap as they used to be) good quality, but mostly cheap!! haha 

H&M - Blazers, Sweaters, and Coats

H&M is awesome for anything and everything business casual. It is my go-to for work wardrobe, including blazers, suit pants, skirts, etc. But I also have shopped at H&M for winter and fall coats and love their minimal and basic styles! I have a white blazer and basic white tee on their way in the mail now and I couldn't be more excited. 

ASOS - Pants and Shoes

I love ASOS because it's perfect for when you know what you want and you need a reasonably priced version of it. For example, I recently hopped on the cap toe heel train and was dying for a pair, but they're all like 150 dollars and I wasn't willing to spend that much. Hopped on ASOS and found a version of them for like 50 bucks! (Here's the link) ASOS is also great for pants. As a petite person I often have trouble finding pants that fit, ASOS has a specific petite items and pants I get from there are my favorite fit-wise. ASOS has a huggggee selection of items!! 

Loavies - Unique Trousers 

Loavies is a recent find, but I got an awesome all-around wear pair of trousers and I will definitely be purchasing from there again. They are a European site, and I thought the shipping would take forever and I wouldn't see my purchase for a while, but it only took 5 days! Faster than my Amazon Prime purchases at the moment :\ 


Target - Basics

Similar to their clothing selection, Target has great, reasonably-priced basics for interior style. In the last few years they have really been doing well in terms of keeping up with what is current. Like everyone else, I especially love the Hearth and Home line, especially their scented candles. I do all my candle purchasing at Target :) 

IKEA - Super Basics 

I usually make at least one trip to IKEA a year. My mom, siblings and I head there before they start school and get all the basics we need for the year, i.e. kitchen supplies, towels, basic furniture, etc. I love IKEA because it is even cheaper than Target, and fairly good quality overall. Would highly recommend and in-person trip if you are near a store! 

Anthropologie - Special, Accent Items 

Anthropologie is on the expensive side, I won't go anywhere near their clothing on a regular basis, it's too dangerous haha. Their home items are a little on the expensive side, but still reasonably priced. There are always great sales through Anthropologie, so if you're looking to add some cute accent pieces to your interior decor, be sure to watch out for those.