Lately! Volume 1

Hello!!!! It's been so long, time has completely gotten away from me in the last two or three months with applications and the recent state of the world. Anyway, I wanted to pop on and write up a mish mash of what I've been up to lately, what I've been listening to, wearing, and getting excited about. 

What I'm Reading 

I recently started paying for Audible, and it has been awesome! I'm definitely a fan of holding a physical book, but its so nice to come home from home and pop in a pair of headphones and get into a story without tiring out my eyes anymore. In light of my future career goals I have been reading law-related books, and Just Mercy has been really good!! Covering the story of a lawyer helping a prisoner on death row, it exposes a whole side of the law and justice system that I was not familiar with. If you're looking for a good read, I'd highly recommend. I think it's come out as a movie recently as well! (I'm waiting to get through the book before watching the movie) 

What I'm Wearing 

Chunky Pastel Knit Sweaters

I love these chunky knit sweaters in pastels as a cozy transition piece as we move into late spring! Cute with a pair of joggers, jeans a skirt, honestly I think the options are endless with a versatile piece like this. 

Mini Floral Dress

Obviously florals are the hallmark of spring, but I particularly love this long sleeve, high neck floral mini-dress. Perfect paired with heels or sneakers for a more casual look, hoping to get a couple of these in my closet before the start of summer! 

Matching Hoodie and Joggers 

With the quarantine I have been wearing my matching hoodie and joggers a tonnnnnn. No one really wants to wear jeans while lounging around the house all day. Super cozy and you can also throw on a blazer over the top of make it chic and slightly more dressed up (not sure how "dressed up" a sweat suit really can be though lol). 

Spaces I'm Loving

Lately I am so inspired by spaces dominated by white, colorful antique rugs, hard lines contrasting with organic shapes, and large book cases. Dreaming of cozying up by the fire with an old book and a thick fuzzy blanket. 

What I'm Wishing For

Kitchen Aid Mixer 

We don't currently have enough room for one of these, but I have had so many instances recently when I would love to have a kitchen aid mixer. I've been wanting to try to make bread, and it's far easier when you are not mixing/kneading by hand. 

Bed Tray 

I think this item is relevant mostly because I've been working from home a lot lately (obviously). But even as I type I am sitting working on my bed. For casual work, I like to flip on a favorite show and sip on a cup of coffee while typing away. 

What I'm Cooking / Baking

Apple Cake 

I haven't actually made this yet, but I will be tonight before Brett and my Easter Brunch tomorrow morning! Perfectly moist as a side for a cup of coffee or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Sourdough Bread

I have been seeing so many people in my Instagram feed making sourdough bread lately! It has inspired me as my next baking project. One of my favorite breakfasts is an overdone piece of toast with butter on top, with cheesy scrambled eggs and chives. 

Trips I'm Dreaming Of 


Glacier National Park

Lake Garda, Italy 

Hope this brought some inspiration to your day!