Five Ways I'm Keeping Myself Busy During This Uncertain Time

LOL I wish I was quarantining like the picture above! Brett and I are currently held up in our 600 square foot apartment but we've been trying to make the best of it. Despite the cramped-ness I am thankful that for now we are together, healthy, and safe and that our families are as well. If you are like me and all your days have a schedule (even weekends) then by now you've likely run out of projects to do. There are only so many "home improvement" projects you can do in a 600 square foot apartment haha! So I've had to get creative about how I'm spending my time and think on the best way to use this time. 

Working on My Finances / Budget 

With law school on the horizon (only 4 months....eeeek!) getting my finances in order and a plan for budgeting is pretty important. If you're a young professional planning on heading to grad school, or even getting ready to start out your career, this quiet time is perfect to sit down and really get a handle on your financial situation. 

Honing Good Habits 

Another thing I have been doing during this quarantine is working on developing good habits that otherwise fell to the wayside while I was busy working and studying. One of the habits I've been working on is making our bed everyday, it's a small thing but honestly makes a huge difference when Brett or I inevitably have to take a call in the bedroom while the other one is working in the living room. I've also been consistently taking Vitamin D, drinking boatloads of water (something I'm not very good at normally), eating a pile of vegetables most nights, and getting up every hour while sitting and working. I've even taken up drinking chamomile tea! 

Cleaning Out My Closet

Quarantine means more time for spring cleaning! I've been cleaning my closet, but also cleaning out my closet. At least two times a year I try to do a big clean out, giving away the items that I no longer wear or that are too worn out to wear anymore. My goal eventually is to wean my closet down to the basics, a set of versatile items for each season that can be paired together in various combinations, basically a capsule wardrobe. From my closet clean out I can understand which items I need to add, and what I actually need when I shop. 

Creating Latte Art 

I jumped on the whipped coffee band wagon last week, it's actually really really good and easy (2 tbspn instant coffee, 2 tbspn water, 2 tbspn sugar, whip and put over milk and ice). With Starbucks closed and many other coffee options eliminated I've had to make due with my at-home coffee skills. If you are into coffee, I'd highly recommend getting a hand frother, they are super cheap and you can find one on Amazon Prime. It steps up your at-home latte game big time (if you really want to step up your game check out this frother/steamer combo

At-Home Workouts 

My normal non-quarantine workouts generally consist of treadmill/elliptical for cardio and at-home kickboxing, abs, and butt videos for strength. Now that working out has be done 100 percent at home I've had to improvise. For cardio Brett and I have been going on 2-3 mile runs every other day. I try to get an hour of excercise, six to seven days a week. Obe Fitness has totally stepped up my at-home workout game. They have all different types of videos from Hiit workouts to abs to dance cardio and all different lengths! You could do a 10 minute hiit with a 8 minute abs or a 30 minute hiit, you can even do a live workout class! There is a 7 day free trial and then it costs 27 dollars per month, which honestly is pretty cheap considering the huge amount of content they have.