We Rebranded! Shop Our New Designs!

After learning about Bonfire, a website where you can create and sell custom t-shirts and sweatshirts, I had to give it a try! I love that non-profit organizations and social movement groups have an easy place to create merch and spread the word. So I went on to start to create some brand pieces. This is the first stab I took at it, a seasonal living sweatshirt. You can purchase this sweatshirt here

Seasonal living has become a very important concept to me as I am someone whos mood is definitely affected by the seasons and sunlight (or lack thereof). Seasonal living to me means making the best of the moments that you are in now, using the natural world around to bring joy, calm, and peace. 

After making this design, I realized that my idea of what I want this blog to be has changed since I began. My articles and content will now focus on being in touch with the seasons, ways to promote joy during all of the seasons, and everything in between. I credit this transition in my goals to the concept of hygge which I became infatuated with this winter and attempted to get in touch with my danish roots. 

In the last few months, as I have brought this concept of seasonal awareness into my life, I have absolutely felt more fulfilled. I have made it a priority to get outside, I have made it a priority to be more in the moment. I am excited to share my journey as I continue to implement these practices in my life.