My Fall So Far - Photos To Get You Inspired

And so my favorite season has arrived! I love fall, everything about it. The food, the outdoors, the movies, etc. I've already done quite a few of the fall activities on my list, so I thought I'd share for inspiration and talk a little about my plans for the rest of the season!

Bayfield, WI - Autumn Camping Trip 

Brett and I went on a camping trip up to Bayfield, WI, (Apostle Islands area) two weeks ago and it was amazing! The leaves were just starting to turn and the drive up there was picturesque. We decided that the weather was still warm enough to camp and spent 3 days in touch with nature hiking and taking in the beautiful views. Would absolutely recommend this trip!

Pumpkin Shopping with My Mom and Sister 

My mom, sister and I spent the last week of September preparing my parents porch for full fall mode. This involved comfy sweats, a quick stop for coffee, pumpkin shopping, browsing the mums, and pics of Finn to prove it. Super into funky pumpkins this year!!

Decorating Our Apartment 

After getting my parents porch all set up, I headed back to Brett and my place with a few pumpkins to spice it up! Brett got me one of those light up signs last year and I love using it as part of my seasonal decor.

Fall Baking  

My goal this fall was to pick a recipe that I like for every week and take the time to make it. Last week was pumpkin cookies, the week before that was apple cinnamon cookies. My mom and sister made the best chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes this morning. Not sure what this week's baked good is going to be, but I'm thinking some type of spiced doughnut. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

My Fall Looks 

I have had really good luck with fall shopping so far. In the first pic is my oversized plaid blazer which is cute with a dress and tights or jeans and heels. Honestly, I would totally recommend because it is such a versatile piece. In the second pic is my London Fog jacket that is a recent addition to my closet after picking it up at Goodwill for only 20 bucks! insane! And of course I'm pulling out all my comfy scarves to get in the mood for the season!

My Morning Routine 

Truthfully, last year beginning in the fall my anxiety got really bad. It continued till about April of this past year. One of the things that I think really contributed was the low light and winter. I am definitely someone that is affected by the change of seasons. This year I am trying to be really proactive about staying on top of my mood going into winter.  Instead of sleeping right up until I absolutely have to go to work, I get up and work out, I make coffee, watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, I even have time to *try* to meditate. If you are someone with anxiety or even if you don't have anxiety, having this morning routine is very grounding and gets me prepped for my day.

I hope these fall pics have inspired you a bit! More to come :)