Five DIY Food Gifts for the Holidays !

Well the christmas shopping is in full swing and I am struggling to keep up with a busy schedule. Despite the long list of things that I have to do before the holidays roll around, I'm still planning on making homemade gifts!! I love homemade gifts because they're so thoughtful and a super fun way to get into the spirit of the holiday season. So if you're unsure what kind of homemade gift you should make, I've included a few options for you below... 

Cookie Box 

This idea is one that I am particulary excited about, and definitely planning on making for someone this Christmas season. To make the perfect cookie box, you need to start with a medium size box, a shoe box is a great example. Line it with parchment paper or tissue paper and create some dividers for a better way to store the cookies. This article by Half Baked Harvest has some great ideas for cookies to put into the box; the best idea is the cute little Santa cookies! Add an ornament, some ribbons, and get creative! (I will be writing an article shortly with my own version of the cookie box) This gift is sure to please (stomachs)! 


Salad Toppings 


On the healthier end of the spectrum, a great gift for the health nut in your life is homemade salad toppings!  These toppings can be sweet, like candied pecans, or spicy, like these New Mexican Spiced Pecans. These toppings can come in the form of a dried fruit and nut salad topper, or herb croutons


Hot Chocolate Mix 

This idea is all over Pinterest, but despite the fact that it is very typical I think it is a great gift, especially for the upcoming winter lull that sets in after the holidays. This mix is very easy, all you need to start is a mason jar. Go to the sore and get some hot coco mix, some mini chocolate chips, candy canes, and marshmallows. Chop up the candy cane into little pieces and layer the hot chocolate ingredients into the mason jar.  Finally, make up a little recipe to include and tie it to a ribbon along with the jar. VoilĂ ! 


Specialty Crackers 


Christmas is a time for snacking! That's why these Rosemary Cheese crackers are a perfect present that you can easily make yourself. This Buzzfeed Recipe uses two different kinds of cheese, flour, butter, rosemary, and ice water. It is very simple and the result is a yummy snack! This is a great gift for anyone that does a lot of entertaining during the holiday season, or just someone who is a big fan of cheese :) 

Soup Mixes 

Another "gift in a jar," I think this next idea is so creative. Dried soup mixes! What a perfect way to help a friend gear up for the rest of the winter. This article gives six different dried soup recipes so you can choose which you prefer. There's Italian Barley, Split Pea, Coconut Curry, etc. A great present for someone who lives their life on the healthier side and for a chilly climate. 

Hope these ideas were helpful! 

Stay tuned for my cookie box article coming up next week !