What's on My Autumn Wish List


I love love LOVE fall, I would probably go as far as saying that it is my favorite season (although this is debatable because I love Christmas as well). One of the aspects of the season that I am most fond of is the smells, spices, outdoor fires, hot chocolate, pumpkin, apple pie... you get the point. Not to mention that fall is my favorite time of year for clothes, you can't get much better than layered sweaters and dusters. So here it is, my fall wish list !!!

For the Closet  

Leatherette Jeans  

I saw these in this article from The Everygirl and thought that they were so very cool. These can be paired with so many things and that is why they are awesome ! You can pair them with a variety of tops: a white blouse, like you see above, a sweater, a duster, the options are endless. Your shoe options with these pants are also flexible, loafers, heels, even fashionable sneakers ! For these particular pants, click here ! 


These were "in" last fall, but they still are! Trousers are super comfy and the perfect touch of loose and relaxed to your business casual or school outfit! Pair with a tight fitted top or sweater, and loafers, heels, or sneakers. This look is effortless and totally chic. For affordable trousers, click here 


So apparently corduroy is making a comeback and I am very excited about this. Forever21 has come out with jackets, skirts, pants, basically everything you can think of and I plan to raid that section this fall and "fill in the blanks" in my closet. In particular I love this moto jacket. What's great about corduroy is that it is durable and lasts a while, but also warm and perfect for the fall temperatures. 


Plaid Wraps 

This is a must-have that I am so looking forward to purchasing for fall. Perfect for the office or for class, wraps are not only comfortable but WARM too. They're fashionable and sophisticated, not to mention soft and double as a blanket. Check out this plaid wrap: here !   

Harry Potter PJs

Fall means Harry Potter movie marathons, and these PJs by PBteen are absolutely perfect ! I love that they're whimsical and cozy and a light and breathable fabric. These are on the must-have list ! Check them out here !

For the Bedroom  


Olive-Inclusion Candles 

I generally like candles that smell and not these "fake" candles, but these are so beautiful! With the olive leaves inside the candle it gives a rustic and fall feeling. These are great for mood lighting! Check them out: here.  

Fur Pillows 

These pillows are so comfy looking and bring warmth to the room. I have been trying to get pillows to switch out between seasons (fall, winter, summer). These are definitely on my must have list for this season as we roll into the chillier days. Check these out here.   

Harvest Bird  

This little guy has no other utility except that he is SO darn cute. There is a whole collection of these little guys at Target, and I love every one of them. Check out this one here

Spooky Pumpkins 

These are also from target and I love the rustic outside feel. They are perfect to spread around your room, put one on top of a book stack, another on your bathroom sink, etc. They bring the lovely spirit of fall into your everyday life. Check these out here.  

For The Kitchen 


Wheat Loaf Pan 

Isn't this the most beautiful bread you have ever seen! I love the pumpkins mixed with wheat design. This is perfect for the holidays, a dinner party, or just your weekend binge eating. You can find this particular pan here


Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Bread Mix  

This sounds so delicious and perfect to use with the pan shown above. One of my favorite things to make in the fall is pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, so I can imagine that this bread mix is probably amazing. Get it here


Gryffindor Spatula  

Just in time for the Harry Potter season, Williams Sonoma revamped their Harry Potter Collection and I am in love! You can get a spatula with a matching apron, and even Gryffindor cookie cutters. You can choose whichever house you would like, they are all included in the collection. Click here.  


Mummy Mug 

I love this mug! So perfect for Halloween and just what you need to get into the fall spirit. Pottery barn has a few cute mugs that are specific to fall, this one, a ghost, and a pumpkin are the highlights. Check this mummy mug out here

Hope you enjoyed!