How to Spend Your Saturday Like A Parisian

I have always wanted to go to Paris. A typical aspiration for a young hopeless romantic, I fantasize about walks along the Seine River, and lavish picnics in the Luxembourg gardens. But while my funds are low and Paris is still a bit of a dream, I use this schedule to get myself in the Parisian mood. 


Stroll to a cafe, maybe without your phone, and preferably a café with people watching capabilities. Order a café au lait and a croissant to go. 

8:30 AM  

Walk to the nearest park bench, weather permitting, enjoy your caffeine and the smell of the summer air. Read a book, or listen to some music, preferably something slow and instrumental.    

9:00 AM   

Return home and turn on some music, put on a tea kettle on and open the windows. Let the breeze from outside make your home smell of flowers and summer rainstorms. 

9:30 AM 

Head to the local farmers market, time to get some things for the week. Grab a bag big enough for pounds of fruits and veggies and your bike. 

10:00 AM 

Shop for fruits and veggies for your week and buy a fresh loaf of bread. Get yourself some flowers, preferably peonies, it's the little things in life. 

11:00 AM   

Lunch time, arrive home and make yourself seasoned chicken with sautéed vegetables and fruit salad. Cheese and baguette on the side, of course.  

12:00 PM 

Black coffee with friends, wear your best long floral dress. Minimal makeup, a touch of red lipstick, a woven bag, and you're ready to go! 

2:00 PM 

Have a snack of an apple and some herbal tea. Do some painting, or read a good mystery novel, go for a walk, or for a long bike ride. 

4:30 PM 

Begin preparing for dinner at home with friends, on the menu: buckwheat flour crêpes with chicken and vegitables; crêpes suzette for dessert. 

5:30 PM 

Dress for dinner and a night on the town, an all black outfit of course. Pair with simple jewelry and a small dark bag.   

6:00 PM  

Set the table, simple decor of course, linen napkins and vases of peonies from the market. Leave the windows open, dinner is best eaten surrounded by friends and fresh air !

8:30 PM

Dinner with friends followed by a night of laughter and dancing! Every Parisian loves a good evening of dancing. 

To Get You In The Parisian Mood  

 (disclaimer: none of these are my photos)