5 Ways You Can Prep Over the Weekend For a Productive Week

One of the biggest and best changes that I have made in my life is preparing for my weeks over the weekend so come Monday I am recharged and ready to go. Maybe this isn't the best strategy for everyone, but I think it has significantly improved my productivity. So here's a quick list of what you can do over the weekend that will help you get ready to go for the busy week ahead.


Make Lists 

I love lists, they are the bread and butter of organization and my best friend. When I have a busy week coming up I make lists, lists, and more lists. Start by making a full week list, keeping it to the most important items and any things that you need to attend. Then outline your week, this is best done using a planner. For each day write the things you think you will need to get done, and any important appointments or meetings. Another good list to make is a meal/ grocery list, this not only has the potential to help with the quality of your eating, but also make life a little easier during the week.  

Grocery Shop 

The weekend is the best time to plan out your meals and make a large trip to the grocery store. This not only makes it easier to eat healthy during the week, but also simplifies the nightly to do list. I try to pick things from each of the food groups: grains, veggies, fruits, and dairy. Then when I put together each of my meals, I can grab one thing from each of the groups. On a totally different note I have started eating those Bel Vita biscuits for a snack at work and they are so delicious. They definitely take the edge off the hunger which is rare for me as I am always hungry.

Organize Your Closet 

Another thing that I try to do over the weekend is clean out my closet. During the week it gets totally jumbled and just a general mess, and I honestly love getting to the weekend so I can clean my closet and gain a sense of control. Organizing your closet over the weekend not only makes the dressing process easier, it gives you more options for your outfits because you can actually see what options you have.  

Go On A Target Run 

Another thing that I always do on the weekends to prepare for my week is go to Target, or really any department store with all my hygiene needs. This is usually not every weekend, more like every other weekend and involves a list of items like: deodorant, toothpaste, floss, paper towel, and toilet paper. Basically I make my Target run on the weekend so that I have all my essentials for the week and don't have to make a trip after work. 

R - e - l - a - x

So I gave you four things that you can do to prepare for a productive week, but here's the most important. Over the weekend the best thing to do to prepare for your week is relax and take a breather. Life is too short and we are all always running around from one thing to the next. The best thing that you can do for yourself is catch up on some sleep, catch up with your friends, or hang out with your fam. Stress wreaks havoc on the body so take some time to recuperate and this will be SO very helpful to make your week more productive.