Some Things I'm Working On Post Undergrad

So I'm sitting here on the evening after graduating from UW Madison undergrad. Graduations are always bitter sweet because you're moving on to new and exciting things, yet leaving behind the place you love the most and subjecting your best relationships to a new era of change and possibly distance. I would be lying if I said I wasn't pretty nervous about what the future holds, but so excited at the same time. So sitting here I decided to sort of break down this uncertain future and add some goals. Here's a list of a few things I plan to work on post undergrad!

 Getting More Involved in the Community  


This past semester I started doing a primarily online volunteer job and have absolutely loved feeling like I am giving back in some way. So my first goal for my post graduate life is to figure out more ways that I can give back to the community around me. My degree is in Genetics so I am hoping that I can use it to somehow educate people in the community about topics in health, wellness, and upcoming innovations in biotechnology.  


My diet is what I would call on the better end of okay. I try to make sure that I get a good amount of veggies, meat, and good carbs in my diet each week. But I think that one of the next things I'm going to work on is getting the state of my diet to great ! One of the first things that I want to try is growing my own veggies. I've seen those indoor veggie growers and am psyched to get started. Another thing that I am trying is to incorporate more veggies into my diet, this means finding new recipes that will help me stomach all the green.  

Cultivating Personal Style  


My style for the last four years has been mostly leggings and whatever will be most comfortable in lectures. I definitely have a personal style outside of school, but it is still on the younger end of the wardrobe spectrum. During my time post graduation I'm planning on giving my style a bit of an upgrade. By upgrade I mostly mean maturing my style a little bit, less graphic tees and more blazers and blouses. Some of the things on my wish list for the summer are: micro sunglasses, woven purses, and low-heeled mules. 




Another thing that I will be spending some time on during my time post graduation is budgeting!! I have some budgeting guidelines that I follow now, but nothing too set in stone. My goal is to become a budgeting fiend so that I can save up to do some traveling. I have only ever been places in the United States (and some random island in the French Carribean) so I am super excited to get saving and start trip planning. I'm thinking about beginning by signing myself up for a budgeting app where I monitor my expenses and see where I could be saving more.   

Hobbies !  

Another thing that I will be working on during my post graduation time is my various hobbies ! One of the hobbies I will be working on in particular is blogging. I haven't had a lot of time in the past semester to really focus on my articles and I am so excited to have more time to spend on my content. I also am going to start to do more cooking as well as reading and also some art! This is such an exciting time for me because I have spent the majority of my time studying in the past four years that I can finally relax and try some things I'm interested in.