"Things" of The Week


This week I've decided to start a new article "line" as I would call it, the "things" of the week. Basically I will go through a list of things that I think are cool/important/relevant and give some reasons why. I am currently working in two different jobs, one is in a lab, and one is in a publishing office. I come across a variety of cool and important things whether they are groudbreaking discoveries in science, or a fascinating new book. So this week is my trial run of the "things" of the week, bear with me and enjoy ! 



Small Great Things 

So, the first "thing" of the week is the book Small Great Things. Written by Jodi Picoult, this is the story of a baby nurse Ruth who experiences racism in the workplace, and it ultimately leads to a trial shaking the foundation of the stable life she had worked so hard to create. This book really covers the different angles of racism and takes apart interactions between races, I really think I learned a lot from this book. I honestly couldn't put the book down and ended up reading the entire thing in a day and a half over spring break. I highly recommend it !!  


Phenom Lux Sneakers - By Selena Gomez

So Selena recently partnered up with Puma to create these totally awesome Phenom Lux Sneakers. They haven't even hit the market yet, but I am personally super pumped about these. And even better, these sneakers benefit the Lupus Research Alliance ! So you are not only getting a cool pair of sneaks designed by Selena, you are also contributing to a great cause. 



The Looming Tower

Set during the late '90s, "The Looming Tower" is a show that covers the anti-terrorism efforts that came before 9/11. Mainly, the conflicts that occurred between the CIA and the FBI prior to the attack. I was alive when 9/11 took place, however I was very young and had no knowledge of the back story behind the attacks. This show is very captivating, and has been a good history lesson for me, filling in the gaps of my knowledge about what led up to the senseless tragedy. 

The Interstertium 

The Interstertium is a new organ that was recently found in the human body! A big thanks to a new laser powered microscope which was able to identify the organ which takes its form as a new layer of tissue.  Referred to as a "highway of fluid" this organ has the potential to shed light on various cancers and other diseases. Why is this organ so important? It surrounds all the other parts of the body which makes it essential to various health conditions. Read more about the organ here: http://www.thejournal.ie/new-organ-cancer-spread-3939083-Apr2018/ 


Nordic Style Magazine  

I got a copy of this magazine for my birthday, and it is the most aesthetically pleasing item that I own. What I like about this magazine is that it is HUGE, the pictures colors are so simple and the background scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Rustic looking colorful houses set on rocky seasides scatter the pages, and the magazine looks perfect next to a cup of coffee and a stack of waffles.



Apple Muffins 

Today I made the best thing that I've baked in a while, Apple Muffins !! While they do seem like more of a fall breakfast treat, I saw the recipe and couldn't resist. These only took 15 minutes, and made 12 delicious cinnamon and apple breakfast delights. Perfect with a cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk, these were created from a Martha Stewart recipe that you can find here.




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