Round Two of "Things" of the Week

Okay so we're back with the "things" of the week -- round two !! Enjoy !


Pocket Water Color Set 

I owe this idea to my mom, who suggested I get one of these after I had been going through a stressful time at the beginning of this school year. What you see above is a pocket watercolor kit ! So cool I know, I had no idea they existed. So basically this little kit is small enough to slip in your pocket, and al you need is a little water and a paper to paint on. Perfect for a summer picnic and art session, this kit causes little mess and allows you to be artistic while out and about. I haven't invested in one of these yet, but I am definitely going to! Get one from Michaels here



Coconut Milk 

Ok so most people already know about coconut milk and probably went along with the fad when it was first a big thing. I was pretty skeptical about drinking any kind of milk that wasn't coming from a cow. But this week I was completely out of milk and had to have something in my coffee before heading to work. My sister has a thing of coconut milk in the fridge so I decided to suck it up and try it. Turns out coconut milk really doesn't taste that different in coffee, and the health benefits are great! I googled it and coconut milk is good for: heart health, builds muscle and helps you lose fat, improves digestion, and prevents constipation. There are so many other benefits as well, so if you haven't tried this yet, give it a go ! 


Visiting this Caribbean Island for SUPER Cheap

So thank you to Norwegian airlines, you can take a trip to the Caribbean Island Martinique from New York for very cheap ! Martinique is a primarily french speaking island with botanical gardens, beautiful beaches, and even a volcano you can hike. The actual flight itself only costs $79 to get from New York to the island, and if I wasn't trying to finish in the last of my degree I would be heading there immediately. If you're interested plan your trip here, and make sure to bring me ! 


Wrap Dresses 

It snowed in Wisconsin this week (ugh) which means it's not exactly wrap dress season yet unfortunately. But I am very excited for summer because I'm definitely planning on investing in a couple of these! They're not only totally chic and slightly Parisian, but also very comfortable. My issue with comfortable clothing is that sometimes these pieces can be baggy and unflattering, but this dress gives you a fun, flirty, and feminine look ! Check out Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Free People if you are interested in purchasing a wrap dress. I will also be adding a few of these to the shop section of Beauty's Influence shortly ! 


HOT Pink 

Yes so from the reading I have done, apparently hot pink is back ! My young self would have been pretty pumped about this. I am personally not a huge fan of actually wearing this color, however I will definitely be sporting some accessories in this bright hue. Purses, phone cases, headphones, sunglasses, bracelets all of these are included in the assortment of items you can purchase in bright pink and be prepared for the trend hitting the spotlight again ! 


The Black Tapes Podcast 

I love a good podcast, and recently I've been searching around for one that really catches my attention. The Black Tapes Podcast is totally creepy but the plot is so great that I find myself listening in all the time. Following the story of a podcaster attempting to start a series about interesting jobs, this story morphs into a tale involving the paranormal investigator Dr. Richard Strand, demons, psychics, and just general hauntings. Like I said, totally creepy, but keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole time I'm listening. If this is something you would be interested in listening to, you can look it up on Spotify or click here