Five Healthy Dinner Ideas That DON'T Involve Chicken

I am always struggling to come up with new ideas to make for dinner. There are lots of options out there, but I'm usually looking for a healthy dinner that involves some kind of veggie, grain, and meat, and doesn't always include chicken.  Sooo many dinner recipes are some variation on chicken, and recently my boyfriend and I have been trying to vary the dinners that we've been making. So I pulled a few of the recipes that we've made recently, along with a few of my own ideas, to come with a new list of yummy dinner ideas that don't include chicken!

The Steak Dinner  

Okay so this steak dinner is something that we made last week and I put it as number one because it was so delicious. This recipe includes: zucchini, potatoes, green beans, and slices of steak. Basically all this involves is getting an appropriate amount of steak, seasoning it and cooking it in a little olive oil on the stove. In the same pan cook the zucchini until browned, and during that time put the green beans and the sliced potatoes in the oven at 375. Voilá steak dinner ! 



Whole Wheat Veggie Pasta Salad  

This is super easy and very filling, definitely a good one when you are craving some carbs. Also you can take this in a few different directions based on what kind of veggies you like. Personally I start by cooking up some whole wheat pasta. On a "not- lazy" day I will pick up a broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, and pea pod mix and will brown those veggies in a little butter or oil on the stove. On a "lazy day" I just pick up a bag of frozen veggies and microwave them (I know, very gourmet). I top off my bowl of pasta and veggies with a little salt, pepper, and some cheese. It is delicious!!!!! 


Homemade Breakfast Sandwich 

I love making breakfast for dinner, mostly because I think breakfast is the best meal of the day so why not eat it for every meal ???? So one of the things that I will make when I don't want a chicken dish is a homemade breakfast sandwich. This is also super easy and can be paired with fruits, veggies, potatoes, whatever you want ! So I start by getting whole wheat english muffins, turkey (can substitute with ham or bacon), eggs, avocado, and cheese. I will put the english muffin in the toaster while I fry an egg, I always pop the yoke beforehand because I am not a fan of the egg leaking all over my food. Butter the english muffin and when the egg is done, place the egg on some cheese on one half of the english muffin. Throw the turkey in the pan and brown in and put that on top of the egg. Finally, cut up an avocado and place it on top! VoilĂ , homemade breakfast sandwich ! 

Rice and Steak Bowl 

I know this one uses steak again, but when you're me and you can't eat seafood and you're trying not to eat chicken, coming up with other meats is actually really hard. So this one is a rice and steak bowl with some veggies. What I love about this is that it checks off all the categories: grains, meats, and veggies. The only other thing you need is a fruit and that's easy to have on the side. Ok so what I do for this is start by getting my brown rice cooking, while thats going I will brown the steak in strips on the stove. Then I brown my veggie mix in the same pan as the steak so I get that yummy flavor. When the rice is done I pile it all in and then you can add then add some soy sauce. 


Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers 

So I'm not really a big fan of ground turkey, in its simplest form, it tastes pretty bad when you compare it to its distant and less health friendly cousin ground beef. But it is a lot better for you, and if you dress it up right and season it, it can actually taste pretty good. So for this recipe buy some peppers, whatever color you prefer taste wise. You're going to need to boil some water and soften the peppers first. After they have been softened, brown and season the ground turkey and stuff the peppers along with some cheese mixed in. Sprinkle cheese on top and place these in the oven. This is a very delicious dinner option, and great if you want a dinner full of protein!