Cultivating Your Personal Style

I'm still working on the skin article for this week, turns out having two jobs and school has really busied up my life. So instead I have decided to make this week's article all about cultivating your personal style. Cultivating your style isn't just about the clothing selections you make, but also about the way that you hold yourself, how you do things in day-to-day life. I think cultivating your personal style is key to loving yourself and being the best version of you ! (i know, corny, but seriously)

Okay, so how exactly do we do this?? Well I have a few ideas ....

Have a "Signature" Item

Okay so this is pretty open ended, this can be whatever you want. Maybe its a favorite plaid scarf you like to pair with your wool peacoat, or it's a pair of loafers that go perfect with a blazer or a worn pair of jeans, whatever it is find it and make it yours. Sometimes I think that your signature item tends to be seasonal, you're not going to be wearing your plaid blazer during the heat of July, so having an item that screams you for every season is the best way to go. For the past few years I would say my signature item is sneakers, I wear them everywhere. I'm pretty much always wearing sneakers, even when going out (lol). They're totally comfy and come in so many colors. Honestly though I have been trying to transition myself into a more mature signature item as I rapidly speed into full fledged adulthood.  

Find Your Scent 


I have definitely done an article about this before, but finding your scent is key to cultivating your style. You want something sophisticated but not too strong. The perfume that I love and wear all the time is Giorgio Armani's "Acqua di Gioia." Having your signature scent plays into how you carry yourself, and I know I always remember when someone is wearing a scent that I liked. It leaves a good impression. If you need some ideas, make sure to check out my find your signature scent  article.  

Develop a Wardrobe Color Palette 


Coming up with a wardrobe palette is key to buying for your closet. Obviously you don't have to religiously stick to your color palette, it's fun to have colorful items, but having colors that mix well allow you to come up with the most possible outfit combinations. I would say that my current color palette mainly consists of white, gray, black, and tan. I also like to mix some red in there from time to time. The one color which you would think goes with those is navy, but honestly I have a lot of dislike for that color. All my jackets are black, and black and navy are a big nono, so how am I ever supposed to wear my navy pants out when I can't wear my black coat??? It's an issue that has prevented me from buying more navy items honestly.  

Get a Style Idol 


It's great to be stylistically original, but sometimes you need some inspiration. If you've seen my instagram you know that I am a big Jeanne Damas style fan. I love her classic refined look, and look to her outfits for ideas when going out for dinner or looking for an idea of a pair of pants to add to my closet. Having a style icon gives you inspiration, and in turn you give others inspiration, its like one big happy inspiration circle. There are so many well dressed people around the world it's easy to find someone who's style you look up to. 

Start an Inspo Wall 


This is something that I haven't done since high school and really need to start doing again. So basically a style inspo wall is a corner of your room where you put all your magazine cut outs and photos for stylistic inspiration. It's a little corner that characterizes your style and functions not only as an art piece but a tool of inspiration. This is so easy to do, all you need are some magazines and tape! Keep your eye out where ever you are for pieces to add to your wall and soon enough it will be looking as good as the one above ! 

Start Reading Again (if you haven't already)


I know for most people my age/anyone with a busy life in general, it is so hard to find the time to read. But reading is a part of cultivating your style. As I said earlier, your style is not only your clothing but how you hold yourself, and in my opinion knowledge is definitely a part of this. So you like politics? Get books about the constitution and relevant issues. You're interested in business? There's tons of books about starting your own business, being successful in business, etc. Whatever it is that interests you, read about it, learn all there is to know, be the expert. I always find it so cool when someone unexpected knows a lot about particular things and everything. It gives you an air of worldliness.