10 Things You Should do for a Great Start to 2018

Now that 2018 is in full swing I have started getting a list together of New Years Resolutions. Last year I think I made a total of 18 resolutions and well you can imagine how that went. So this year I'm limiting myself to 10 (I know, still slightly ambitious), and here are a few of my ideas. 



Have a "Closet Detox" 

If you're like me whether you're preparing to go out to dinner with friends or attending an important lunch meeting, the process generally involves a lot of trying on and throwing on the floor. So my first step to starting on a fresh page in 2018 was to clean out my closet and organize my shoes. This detox involved parting with a few beloved yet seldom wore articles of clothing as well as a bit of a reality check regarding how many things I *actually* wear. I did this detox both in my apartment and at my closet at home and I feel uncluttered, organized, and ready to go in 2018. 



Get Back to the Basics 

I am definitely not a makeup expert, I wouldn't even call my knowledge of makeup intermediate, I would call it very minimal. There are only three actual makeup products that I routinely use: mascara, lipstick, and the occasional bit of coverup to hide a rising pimple. But recently I got a Mac "Minx" eye shadow palette for Christmas, it's not really colorful but more basic and natural colors (what I like) and I've loved using it !! If you're like me and don't normally wear a lot of makeup, this is great to perfect your look when preparing for a night out. Click here if you're interested in purchasing the palette ! 



Fun ! 

Plan a Trip  

Even if you don't have the funds to go to Europe or Asia, planning a trip of some kind gives you something out of the ordinary to look forward to. Whether traveling to South Africa, or across town to a local national park, take some time to soak in the world around you. I haven't had the chance to do this as much as I like, and in 2018 I really hope to expand my horizons. To get some ideas for where to travel I've been using PopSugar's list of 84 Unreal Places You've Only Seen in Your Imagination .




Expand Your Network  

So another one of my goals for 2018 is to really work on expanding my professional network. I got this idea from the Everygirl article "7 Things Sucessful Women do In January". Especially since I graduate this spring, I feel that working on expanding my professional network is going to be key to figuring out what I want to do in my working life going into the future. I've decided to try to make it my goal to interact with 2 people every month that inspire me or who's work I am interested in. This will not only be great for my life as a professional, but practicing people skills as well !  


Work on Your Gut    

More and more studies are being done and finding that your gut health has a huge affect on your overall health. So basically the low down on gut health is that everything should be eaten in moderation. Nothing should be eaten in excess, a balanced diet is key. In particular, watch your consumption of Omega-6 rich foods. Generally found in nuts and oils, a little of these is a good thing and too much without a proportional increase in Omega-3 rich foods is not good. Additionally, if you're finding that your gut is the source of a lot of problems, cut down your intake of dairy. Dairy is the culprit of much of the stomach issues that many face on a daily basis. Make sure to check out a few of these anti-inflammatory foods and recipes ! 



Invest in Some Pretty Sneakers 

I read an article that sneakers are on the way out and being replaced by loafers and refuse to believe it. I'm far too dependent on my sneaks for them to be tossed out of my life that easily. The newest sneaker trend that I love are "pretty" sneakers. Take the conventional tennis shoe change the color to a pretty pastel and add some silky looking laces. The ones above by Nike are on my shoe dream list. I'm a girl who loves her girly heels but also her sneakers, and these are the perfect combination.



Start Meditating  

I have a pretty hard time sitting still, but lately have read all about the health benefits of taking some time out of your day to meditate. We're all pretty caught up in our technology and busy life styles, it's bound to take a toll on our health and wellness, thus the reason for meditation. The Huffington Post did an article a while back which listed all the benefits of meditation, ranging from a reduction in stress to slowing aging and improving the health of your immune system. If you're interested in how to meditate and the best way to practice this relaxing art, check out the Art of Living's 30 Tricks, Tips, and Tools




Switch from Netflix to Podcasts  

I just recently (last week), started really getting into podcasts. I've been taking the bus a lot back and forth from school to home and got tired of my usual Spotify playlists. The wifi on the bus isn't great so Netflix isn't really an option, and that's when I stumbled on podcasts. There are a bunch spanning a vast number of topics: comedy, history, true crime, life inspiration, etc. You name it, there's probably a podcast about it. Personally I'm into the true crime podcasts, a favorite being Up and Vanished, but I also dabble a little bit in stand up comedy. If you're interested in taking a listen, check out the Career Contessa's 9 Best Podcasts for Your Morning Commute 


Skin Care   

Try Out Moisture Surge  

This time of year is so hard on my skin, I walk from class to class in the cold, and by the end of the day I feel dry and itchy. For Christmas I got some Clinique Moisture Surge and have been using it every night on my face. Honestly I don't use that many facial products, but this worked like a miracle. After using it the first night I woke up the next day and felt an amazing improvement in the condition of my skin. What's also great about Clinique products is that their all easy for people who tend to have allergies to makeup products (like me). I can use Clinique's products without worrying that I am going to end up with contact dermatitis. If you're interested in the cream click here (it even comes in a small container so you don't have to fully commit the first time you buy). 




Create an Indoor Herb Garden 

I have always wanted to have a space to grow herbs inside, I haven't done this yet, but when I move into my own apartment within the next year this is my plan. Herbs are great for cooking and adding to homemade teas, but also are just pretty plants to have around the home and aesthetically pleasing. In particular, I have always liked the homemade indoor herb gardens, the one above uses cute little metal buckets. If you visit this article by Bonnie Plants she covers where to store the plants, what is necessary for drainage, and how to have a overall successful experience. 

Happy 2018!