10 TV Shows to Watch on Netflix During the After Christmas Lull

As we roll into the end of December and the Christmas rush is winding down, if you're like me you have a bit of time before everything starts up again. This is my favorite time of year to grab a blanket and my laptop and cozy up in front of the fire and catch up on some TV. So here's a few shows I found that you may not have seen yet to help you enjoy your post Christmas lull.  


American Vandal 

Genre: A satirical whodunit 

Similar to: A funnier version of "Making a Murderer"  

About: A high school prank gone a little too far, with many members of the faculty having their cars vandalized. 




Genre: American Crime Drama 

Similar to: "Criminal Minds" and "Luther" 

About: This show is set in the late 1970s, when the science of criminal psychology was still developing. Two FBI detectives along with a professor of psychology interview serial killers in order to gain insight into their mentality, and catch criminals still at large.  


Big Mouth  


Genre: Animated Sitcom 

Similar to: "South Park" and "BoJack Horseman" 

About: Three friends Andrew, Nick, and Jessi navigate the ups and downs of middle school and puberty. (my boyfriend and I started watching this show and could not stop laughing)  

 Alias Grace 


Genre: Historical Crime Drama  

Similar to: "The Handmaids Tale" 

About: This miniseries takes place in the 1840's, and is the story of a house servant named Grace Marks who is accused of killing her employer and serves her life in prison. 


Death Comes to Pemberley 


Genre: Historical Crime Drama 

Similar to: "Pride and Prejudice" but with a murder 

About: With all your favorite Pride and Pejudice characters, this series follows the book and tells the story of an investigation of a murder in Pemberley Woods.  



Genre: Thriller Drama 

Similar to: "Ozark"  

About: This shows follows the Rayburn family, their complicated history and how their past is catching up with them. 

The Killing 


Genre: Thriller Crime Drama 

Similar to: "Law and Order" or "The Fall" 

About: Detectives Stephen Holder and Sarah Linden investigate the disappearance of teenager Rosie Larson in Seattle. 


The Returned


Genre: Supernatural Drama 

Similar to: "Bates Motel" or "Stranger Things" 

About: A remake of the original series "Les Revenants", this story takes place in a small country town in France. A small group of villagers who died suddenly reappear; families are brought together and old issues resurface. 


Schitt's Creek 


Genre: Sitcom 

Similar to: "Arrested Development" 

About: The once rich Rose family is suddenly broke and forced to move to Schitt's Creek to recover. 


Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23  


Genre: Sitcom 

Similar To: "2 Broke Girls" and "New Girls " 

About: June moves to Manhattan for her job and when the offer falls through she gets a job in a coffee shop and moves in with Chloe. This show follows the life of the two girls living in their New York apartment. 

Happy Watching !!!!