Thanksgiving Craft One: The Paper Turkey

This week I have decided that as a "countdown to Thanksgiving"I'm going to post an article a day with various things you can make for your celebration. So today is all about the paper turkey that is perfect to use in a fun kids game, or just as a cute DIY decoration. It is pretty simple and only took me about 15 minutes. 

Paper Turkey Instructions 

What you need: One paper grocery bag, three or four pieces of white paper or tissue, two pieces of brown paper tissue, a stapler, two thin black hair ties (optional)

- Start by turning the paper bag inside out VERY SLOWLY. These paper bags rip pretty easily and I had to start over after ripping the first paper bag that I tried to use. 

- After the bag has been turned inside out, fold the edges in to make a turkey like structure (shown above), and use the stapler to hold in place. 

- To make a leg take one of the pieces of brown paper tissue and roll it so that it is tight at the top and round at the bottom forming a leg-like shape. Stuff some of the white paper inside the round bottom of the leg and staple. Preform this same process for the other leg. 

-  Cover the tightly wrapped tight part of the leg with white paper to form a sort of ball on the end and staple. If you cannot get  it to staple and stay (like me), you can just use hair ties to hold the paper in place. 

- Staple the legs to the upper sides of the turkey body.  

and Voilá ! You have a turkey