Levi's and What to Pair them With


About a month ago I decided I had had enough of the three pairs of old jeans I'd been wearing for three years. I decided to invest in some Levi's, and it was honestly the best purchase I've made in a while. I got the Vintage Blues High Rise Skinny Jean and they are so comfortable and flattering. The best thing is that these jeans can easily be dressed up or worn casual, and I think they look great either way.  Below I've included a couple of my favorite looks (and the elements you need to recreate them) involving Levis to give you some inspiration for the week !  

PS tried to give each look a creative name haha bear with me 

Enjoy ! 

"Autumn Intellectual"   


I love, love, LOVE this look. The grungy torn Levi's contrasting with the more sophisticated plaid blazer gives this outfit a chic but totally relaxed feel. I absolutely adore the black loafers and Chanel clutch, both perfect dark colored pieces to complement the blazer and jeans. (Make sure to check out my article on loafers for fall if you haven't already !)  

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"Sophisticated Strategist"


This look is perfect for dinner with friends or a fall get together (maybe even a casual office setting). What I appreciate most about this outfit is the contrast between the sleek black of the accessories and turtleneck and the rolled light blue jeans. A more fancy outfit than the previous, this look is less laid back and perfect if you want your appearance to say "I tried this morning." 

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"Feminine Frenzy"   


Slightly different than the other pairs of Levi's pictured above, I love these because they are shorter and distressed at the knee. Paired with these adorable black ankle strap heels, this minimalist look includes a slouchy button down and is super easy to recreate.    

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  "Stunning Student"  


I like to think of this outfit as "ready to wear" for class. Paired with a slouchy sweater and black Vans, this outfit is perfect when making the trek across campus at 9 am. What I love about this get-up in particular is that it's very laid back, but paired with a sleek looking, fancier bag.  

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"Printed Prep" 


I love this outfit because it is sort of the "middle of the road" between casual and dressed up. It's perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee with friends or heading out for a day of shopping. The animal print loafers contrasting with the light colored jeans gives this look a preppy twist.   

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If you're totally ready to purchase Levi's now, make sure to check out this quiz on the Levi's website that will help you pick jeans that are the best fit for your figure !!