The Perfectly Chic Halloween Get Together

This past week my sister and I had some extra time, construction paper, and cupcake mix; we decided to throw a little Halloween inspired get together. I love decorating the apartment and baking, so this little project brought some joy into my week. Below I've included the menu that I came up with, as well as what you need to recreate! 

The Menu 

~ Trick or Treat Trail Mix ~ 


Ingredients: 4 cups of popcorn, a bag of candy corn, and 4 cups of pretzels  

This is a yummy and simple snack combining sweet and salty tastes. Perfect for an appetizer, or just a snack to leave out on the coffee table, this trail mix is delicious and pretty for all fall themed occasions.  Simply take all the ingredients above and toss in a medium size bowl!

~ Apple Nachos ~ 


Ingredients: Half a cup of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, 6 caramels,  5 sliced apples of your choice, and a dash of cinnamon  

A healthier twist on caramel apples, I really can't take credit for the recipe for these delicious "nachos." I found the recipe here, and made a few changes of my own. To make these yummy "nachos" cut the apples into slices and place in a sort of flower shape like the one pictured above. Melt the 6 caramels in a bowl for around 30 seconds, and using a spoon drizzle the caramel on top of the apple slices. To finish them off, add the half a cup of chocolate chips on top, and sprinkle with cinnamon ! 

~ Hot Dog Mummies ~  

Ingredients: 1 package of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, 1 package of Beef or Turkey Hot Dogs, and shredded cheese (optional)

These mummy hot dogs are so cute and absolutely delicious! To make these first grease a cookie sheet, and preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Open up the Crescent Rolls and unroll them carefully so they don't break apart. Cut all of the triangles diagonally into long and thin strips. Wrap around the hot dogs one-by-one and make sure to leave a little room for the face (if you want to add cheese you can sprinkle some in as you wrap the dog). Place on the cookie sheet and bake for around 15 minutes.  Serve with ketchup !  

 ~ Cranium Cupcakes ~  


Ingredients: 1 box of cupcake mix of your choice, red food coloring, 1 container of vanilla frosting, and 3 small ziplock bags 

Last, but definitely not least, are these delicious brain inspired cupcakes. To start, follow the directions on the box of cupcake mix (chocolate or vanilla whatever your preference) and allow them to cool. As they are cooling, mix up the pink colored frosting using a tub of vanilla and 4 drops of red food coloring (you can add until you reach the color you like). Spread a base layer of pink frosting on the top of each cupcake, using a butterknife to smooth the top. Take one of the ziplock bags and cut a very small slit in one of the sealed corners of the bag. Using a butterknife, load a decent amount of the frosting into the corner of the bag with the slit. To draw the "cranium", add two lines of frosting vertically down the center of the cupcake and then many swirly lines to the side (you can use the picture above as a guide).