The Essentials

During the week I am kind of a crazy person, going from one place to the next with barely any time to sit down. This means I am carrying my entire life in my bag (a lot bigger than the one pictured above). So I've come up with a list of essentials, the things I think every girl should have on hand while navigating her busy week. 

 A Planner

I have a nerdy obsession with planners. I love mine from Kate Spade and use it all the time when writing down notes and things to do during my week. I am also never without various colored pens . Black and blue ink can get so boring, I love having a rainbow of colors when making lists of things to do.  

Makeup Odds and Ends  

You will never find me without a neutral shade of lipstick. The one pictured above, Pink Rhapsody by Yves Saint Laurent is my absolute favorite. The light pink complements most casual outfits, and is perfect for daily wear. To smell sweet all day, I always carry a small perfume sampler with me. This one is Loveswept by Philosophy, and can easily be slipped into the side pocket of a bag. The last makeup essential that I always carry is my Tory Burch eyeshadow palette and a couple makeup brushes. You never know when you'll need to dress up your look a little and give your eyes a glow.  

A Snack 

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I. am. hungry. all. the. time. Having a snack on hand is so important when running around all day, without time to take a break. The snack that I usually carry around is a Kind Bar, my favorite kind is the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt. This not only is a healthy alternative to a bag of chips, but also gives me that little taste of chocolate I am constantly craving :)  

An Umbrella and Water Bottle 

Last, but absolutely not least, I am never without an umbrella and water bottle. Correction, I am never intentionally without either of these two things. I have learned the important lesson of carrying an umbrella the hard way many times. Walking home soaked and in terror that your laptop has been ruined forever is not a good feeling. And no one likes to be parched at work or spending extra money, so remember that water bottle ladies.