Saturday Morning

I thoroughly enjoy getting up early. Not four in the morning early or anything weird like that. But I love being up before everyone else, getting my day started before my next door neighbors have even gotten out of bed to brush their teeth. During my earlier teen years, the only thing I think I would've gotten my butt out of bed for before the "early hour" of 11 am was a meet and greet with the cast of Gossip Girl. My ideal Saturday involved laying in bed until I inevitably needed to make the trek down to the kitchen to eat. Then I would promptly schlump my way over to the couch where I would spend the rest of my day. 

Now that Saturday is a day of the week that actually exists for me, I figured I should put it to good use. So one morning recently I decided to actually try and read a book for my own enjoyment (lol). I picked up "How to be Parisian wherever you are." This book is full of tidbits of advice and pictures from the coolest French women on life, love, style, etc.   

I've taken French for sixteen years and in that time I've fallen in love with the elegant culture through its delicious food,  minimalist clothing style, and passion for life. This book highlights all of these unique and beautiful aspects of what it means to be French. So basically this blog is my "ode to français", if you will, my appreciation and incorporation of French culture into my own lifestyle.