French Style Icon: Marion Cotillard


Marion Cotillard 

In Vanity Fair she was once described by director Xavier Dolan as,  "a princess of milk and silk with eyes chiseled or emeralds and diamonds." 

In an interview with Vogue she was asked "what its like to be a French in a world that loves a french girl?" She replied:

"I guess we should all just be who we are, what we are, and not try to look like anyone else but ourselves. But there’s something about the French woman,” she admits, “a sense of freedom that must read and show in the way we dress.” 

Marion Cotillard has a distinct chic yet laid back style that is easy to emulate and add your own personal touches. So I've gathered five of Cotillard's best looks along with some style suggestions on how you can get this French beauty's look.

Leaving the Noho Hotel 

The Coat: Although not particularly applicable for the summer season, this camel coat is my absolute favorite part of the outfit. It's the centerpiece of the ensemble and is both simple yet chic.  

The Dress: In contrast to the camel colored coat, this loose fitting black dress gives the impression of being comfortable, casual, yet totally put together.  

The Boots: Shiny pointy toed black booties are the perfect complement to the loose fitting black dress. 

The Accessories: Cotillard keeps her accessories simple with dangly earrings, a dark colored clutch, and a pair of tortoise shell glasses.    


               Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet  

The Dress: I really appreciate this outfit because instead of wearing something elaborate and fancy on the red carpet, Cotillard opted for a jean dress with gold accents. Daily Mail referred to this look as "laid back yet glamorous", giving us all a taste of her "rocker chic" style.  

The Shoes: In keeping with her "rocker chic" style, Cotillard paired the distressed denim mini dress with a pair of Mulberry platform snakeskin heels. These gold snakeskin heels perfectly complemented the gold accents in the dress and showed off her gorgeous figure.  

At the Bowery Hotel NYC

The Coat: Another beautiful coat, girly and white with a peter pan collar.

The Tee and Pants: Cotillard stays true to her style of "laid back yet glamorous" when she pairs the fancy jacket with a paint splattered white tee and faded gray jeans. The tee and jeans not only add a casual element to the outfit but a bit of an edge as well.

The Accessories: Cotillard's choice in pumps with yellow accents, as well as her metallic blue handbag add bold colors to the ensemble.

Getting off the Plane LAX  

The Blazer: To quote "How to be Parisian wherever you are", one thing that you will of course find in a French girl's closet is a "little black blazer" because, "It smartens up a scruffy pair of jeans and you wear it on days that you don't feel like making an effort." 

The Tee and Jeans: In contrast to the fancy look of the blazer, the graphic tee underneath adds Cotillard's key style of "laid back yet glamorous." The distressed jeans also have this same effect of comfortable yet chic. 

The Accessories: I absolutely love the pointy toe flats that she chose to pair with the outfit! They could be paired with a much fancier ensemble but stand out when worn with the distressed jeans. Cotillard's simple accessories (the glasses and bag) are chic and simple, they don't distract from the outfit.  



P.S. Stay tuned, will be posting links so that you can recreate these outfits tomorrow!